Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Relationship With God

One of the things I have been working on is my relationship with God. When one accepts Jesus Christ, they receive access to a relationship with God. I have struggled in the area of relationships in some areas, because I  tended to follow religiosity. I am getting better. Today in my quiet time, I felt compelled to look up what makes a strong relationship work between a couple (which is somthing I would love to have). They are:

These are the things that God desires me to have with Him. A relationship. I wrote a few things down, and here is what I felt the Lord say:
Honesty: It is okay to tell me how you feel. You don't have to worry that I'll be angry with you. I want you to share with me your fears and worries, and let me encourage you. You are safe with me.

Trust: You can trust me in all things. I am not out to harm you. I have plans, a hope, and a future for you. You can trust me in ALL THINGS. You are free to bring your concerns to Me. If you make mistakes, come confess them to me and I will forgive you and help you.

Respect: I am the Lord. I love you. Just remember that I am GOD and am holy.

Communication: I am available 24/7 for you. When you talk, I will listen, but also remember to listen as well. In my presence, there are presents. There is encouragement, counselng, direction, and so many other things. As you come to me in worship, I will return blessing to you.

Attention: In all relationships, people need to make time for each other. It's the same with us. Make time for Me. I desire to spend time with you. The Word is one way. Prayer is another. Worship is another. Let's make time together to spend so our relationship can build.

Intimacy: I desire to know the deepest parts about you...fears, struggles, etc.  I already know them. I desire for you to know the deepest parts of Me as well. You don't have to put walls up with Me. You can be vulnerable to Me. I am for you not against you. 

Commitment: Like any other relationship, I am in it for the long haul. Through thick and thin, good times and bad times, highs and lows..i am always here for you. If you stay in relationship with me, you will ALWAYS have what you need.

This isn't religion. It's something far, far beyond religion. It's a relationship.